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struggling with the "dragon"?

Whether you are researching for the first time or you already have been working on it for years, you surely have already noticed that entering and surviving in the competitive Chinese market is not an easy task.


Although China’s big numbers are often understood abroad as synonymous of huge potential opportunities, it is usual that the plans don’t become true either because of a wrong election of the target, the business model, the local partner, the distribution channel, the market positioning or, simply, because of a lack of eyes on the ground.

In china since 2003

At Marlocor we have been over the last 15 years assisting our private and institutional clients on their research, access and development in the Chinese market, providing flexible and tailor made solutions from commercial advisory for market entry to a wide range of marketing services.


Our offices are located in downtown Shanghai Jing An district from where we have provided services in all major tier 1 and tier 2 cities across the country.


The areas of expertise of Marlocor cover multiple sectors in market research and advisory services while we are pioneers and proficient in comprehensive marketing services for imported F&B, consumer goods and outbound tourism destinations.

walking alongside you

We are not, and we do not strive to be, the service provider of too many clients. Our approach as boutique commercial advisory and marketing services company determines our goal to become the firm of choice for Clients which have a clear vision to enter and grow in the Chinese market with a solid mid and long-term brand building view, without compromising the values that made them leaders over decades in their markets of origin.


Once we take an assignment our team of European and local experts become part of your team to be your eyes in the market.


Learn more about how we can help you here:

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