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China is a market of great expectations where frequently the plans don’t become true for several reasons such as a nonrealistic target, a wrong election of business model, local partner, distribution channel, market positioning or, in the medium and long term, because of not being able to adapt to the rapid changing environment.

At Marlocor we guide our clients along their market entry process to give them the right inputs and advice that will help them take by themselves the right decisions.


When thinking about entering the Chinese market the first aspect you must make sure is whether your product or service is allowed in the country, or if it applies any restriction or limitation that you should know beforehand.

At Marlocor we can help you do your market due diligence well in advance by means of:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Market reports

  • Competitor’s benchmark




Your Company has taken the decision to definitely put feet on the ground and explore the possibilities of accessing the market.

At Marlocor we recommend you to take your time to see and be seen in the market. Visit the country at least 2-3 times within a year, collect the right contacts and market intelligence, follow up and build your trust and network in the local market. We can help you from day zero to your first order.

  • Assistance on exhibitions or industry events

  • Contacts screening and follow up

  • Partner/distributor search

  • Business agendas

  • Assistance during negotiation

  • Trademark registration & product compliance





At Marlocor we are experienced since 2003 in working with foreign government institutions and industry associations in order to train exporters about the Chinese market, facilitate them to establish business contacts with Chinese partners and design and implement policies for the attraction of Chinese investments to their territory with a portfolio of services that includes:


  • Strategic plans

  • Sectorial market reports

  • Market seminars in origin

  • Resolution of enquiries

  • Business delegations to China

  • Individualized business agendas

  • Showrooms & B2B events

  • Chinese buyers delegations abroad

  • Press trips

  • FDI lead generation


At Marlocor we have carried out commercial advisory projects in China for Clients in the following industries:



  • Gourmet food products

  • FMCG/prepacked food products

  • Wines and spirits

  • Meat products

  • Fresh Fruits

  • Live horses

  • Forestry



  • Automotive

  • Aeronautical

  • Railway traffic

  • IT

  • Biotechnology

  • Construction materials

  • Recycled materials

  • Chemical Industry

  • Cleaning products

  • Metal forming

  • Industrial machinery

  • Elevation

  • Intensive agriculture equipment

  • Energy engineering

  • Grain storage systems



  • Fashion

  • Kids Wear

  • Jewelry

  • Shoes

  • Leather accessories

  • Cosmetics

  • Editorial



  • Architecture design

  • International Logistics

  • Education abroad

  • Scenic Arts

  • Audiovisual productions

  • Outbound Tourism

  • Overseas real estate

  • Attraction of Chinese investments

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