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marketing services

Your product is unique, your quality is top and its traceability is complete. Your near centenary brand has a solid heritage built by decades of honest work and listening to the customers' needs which made yours a leading brand in its category back home. You know that, the buyer at your local distributor company "more or less" knows that… Chinese consumers don’t.


While in other export markets your loyal distributor will take care of all marketing needs, it might not be the case for most of distributors in China. In a fast-paced and tremendously competitive market as China, your invoice discounts and marketing budgets may fall in the wrong account.


If the above described sounds familiar to you now you can regain control of your branding and promotion investment with our portfolio of marketing services specialized in imported food & beverage, imported consumer brands and outbound tourism destinations:



Adapt or redesign your packaging or presentation materials to the local awareness while in full compliance with the regulations, without compromising at all your Brand image, values and heritage.



  • Company Brochures and Product Catalogs

  • Consumer handouts

  • Labelling

  • Gift Packaging

  • Video creation & edition

localization & materials


Mastering point of sale is critical to create brand awareness and sales. Have your eyes on the market and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your point of sale marketing budget by reducing out of stock, and increasing facing and rotation. Activate sell out tactically in each KA to generate sell-in. Reach up to 140 points of sale nationwide in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.



  • Retail Store Check

  • POS Promotions and tastings

  • Merchandising service

pos solutions


Chinese digital environment is completely different and much more developed than in western countries. Having a proper presence in local digital media will help not only to communicate your brand to the final consumers but also to your salesforce in order to gain the trust of the distribution channels. If you want to be there, you have to be here.


  • Web “.cn”

  • SEM Campaigns (Baidu, 360, Sogou, etc.)

  • Social media (WeChat & Weibo) content management

  • Influencers and KOLs campaigns

  • Video content & Video platform Ads (iQiyi, Tencent Video & Yoku)

  • TV ads & Product Placement

  • E-commerce Advisory (Tmall, JD, Xiaohongshu, Kaola, etc.)

digital marketing

Whether it’s about creating a perfect event or manage your media budget, yes we can. From content technical assistance to event production and guests and media PR tasks.

  • B2B/B2C Event Production & PR

  • Media management

pr & events

At Marlocor we are experienced since 2005 in working with government institutions and sectorial associations to convey to the local industry and consumers the education and promotion about their product or origin, using our full capabilities to design and execute annual plans or independent actions such as:

  • Integrated campaigns

  • Country festivals in POS

services for institutions and INDUSTRY associations

From ATL to BTL, from Professionals to Consumer audience

A one-window solution to your local marketing needs in China

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