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“Wines from Castilla y León” First China Roadshow

Updated: May 22, 2018

Appointed by the Regional Government, Marlocor successfully planned and executed this B2B promotion of Spanish wines held in Shanghai and Beijing.

At Marlocor it was our honor to be appointed by the regional government of Castilla y León from Spain to design and execute a set of professional B2B events in order to promote the region’s wines in mainland China and open new business opportunities for its wineries.

Our tasks involved the whole planning and execution of the activities, from the design of the tutorial and graphic materials, the PR tasks to secure the attendance of over 80 distributors and wine influencers to each event and the complete event production.

Mid-priced Spanish wines are currently having a wider distribution in China, having reached its imports a value of 2 billion USD in 2016, with a 17% annual growth. Spain is the 4th country in terms of wine exports to China, where bottled Spanish wine reached a 7% share on the imports.

Castilla y León is the home of world renowned Spanish wine essentials such as “Ribera del Duero” and “Rueda” wines. Twelve Spanish wineries took part in the event while the guests showed interest not only in those mainstream wines but also in those from new promising areas such as “Bierzo” or “Arribes”.

With these events Marlocor renews its positioning as the firm of choice for European imported F&B products into China and set a new landmark both in overall event production and in F&B PR capabilities.

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